Baltic amber for Baby & Mom

Baltic amber jewelry for Mother

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High quality Baltic amber jewelry catalogue. We use only 100 % natural certified Baltic amber for our products. We offer certified Baltic amber at the best pricing. A distinctive, unique jewelry work with the rarest, white Baltic Sea amber.  Every single piece unique & handmade. We use only the most valuable Baltic amber, extracted from the Baltic sea region. All raw materials are completely natural, with no exceptions. Admixtures or chemical additives are not acceptable to us.

Amber is an organic gem that also happens to be one of the most prized treasures throughout world history. Since it was discovered over a couple thousand years ago, it has been used in trade to garner specific spices and other high value items. There are also significant ties to religion and mythology ranging from modern day traditional religions to Norse and Greek myths. Baltic amber is regarded as the finest in the world and has been a prized jewelry making gemstone since ancient times. In fact, Baltic amber was so highly valued and sought after by the Romans that it was traded for gold. Amber is more than just a gemstone. It’s a time capsule allowing us to take a glimpse at what nature was like when dinosaurs walked the Earth. Thanks to amber, over 1,000 extinct species of various insects have been discovered

Amber Jewelry has long and beautiful history. It has inspired jewelers, crafters and artisans for centuries to create beautiful and amazing pieces of art. Baltic Amber Jewelry is an original choice also because it has some interesting properties. It has a nice pine smell when you rub it on a piece of cloth. Amber has been used since antiquity in the manufacture of jewelry and ornaments, as an ingredient in perfumes and has long been used in folk medicine for its healing properties.

According to many legends, a stone made from the resin of trees carries a piece of sunlight, divine light. Amber is able to absorb positive energy, giving it to its owner. That is why jewelry made from a natural mineral is in demand by everyone who believes in the presence of magic, energy flows and otherworldly forces.

Amber, also known as succinite, is the fossilized resin of trees. Much of it comes from the Baltic region, where it washes up onto the beaches and can be easily collected. Amber has many qualities that make it useful in many ways, and people, both ancient and modern, have been intrigued by it for centuries. True amber is a superb material: every stone is unique. If you like authentic jewelry, we advise you to choose a rough stone.

Many associate amber gems with the wisdom of their ancestors. This organic gemstone has traveled through the course of ages with its unique beauty. No two amber stones are alike. Amber is famous for its yellow to gold colors. We associate amber colors with the energies of gold; a color related to the sun and royalty, which symbolizes success, happiness and power.

Baltic amber is found in northern Europe. It was commonly traded and used by cultures throughout the Baltic and ancient Mediterranean areas. As this fossilized tree resin washed up onto the shores, it was collected and then cut, carved, and polished into pieces of fine jewelry and ornaments.