Succinic acid

The main healing material of amber is succinic acid, which helps the body to fight against diseases. The mentioned material is present in the body of each living creature (human, animal, plant).

About 200 mg of succinic acid is produced daily in human body, which is immediately consumed. It is a natural biostimulant, involved in energy metabolism of cells. During breathing process Krebs cycle takes place in organelles of cells – mitochondria, when oxygen is converted to energy and an intermediate product – succinic acid – forms during this process. In case of hard physical or mental load, stress, succinic acid diffuses beyond the boundaries of cell, and it is a signal to all body functions that the body lacks oxygen. Then compensating processes activate – faster heart rate, improved peripheral circulation, intensified endocrine – hormonal reactions, other regulatory mechanisms.

In case of lack of succinic acid, fatigue, feeling of apathy occurs. As a result one feels worse, immunity weakens, the body is unable to resist the negative environmental impact, working capacity worsens and diseases develop.

Succinic acid is not only involved in energy metabolism, it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, enhances cell renewal processes, slows down the aging. It is completely safe, works even at low levels. Certain foods also contain succinic acid – fermented milk products, brown bread, seafood, pickled cabbage, and certain berries and fruits.

Succinic acid (succinate) is used for treatment of various diseases – lung diseases, asthma, allergic reactions, circulatory disturbances, improves liver and stomach function, stimulates the nervous system, strengthens the mind, helps to focus attention, reduces hangover syndrome. Impact of succinic acid on halting the development of tumors has been scientifically proven by many tests.

Benefit of succinic acid

Take a piece of amber and put it to the fridge, leave for some time, take from, rub in the palms – it will warm up very quickly. Amber does not emit heat, however, it keeps the one, taken from you, for a long time. It is found that a positive effect is had not so much by amber as by its volatile acid. Its active healing materials start releasing at the temperature of 26.6 degrees. As the contact of amber with human skin takes place, volatile amber acid starts releasing, when is exposed to body heat, which is equal to 36,6 degree. Active materials pass to human body through the skin and stimulate it to heal. Scientific research has shown that it positively affects human respiratory tract.

Therefore, it is particularly suitable for people, of course, also for children, suffering from various respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma. It also strengthens body’s immunity, the nervous system, has a sedative effect. This acid is naturally contained by, for example, grapes, gooseberries and rhubarbs. However, there the quantity is very low, and in Baltic amber – very high. Therefore, succinic acid is extracted from natural amber for medical purposes.

Amber acid is special, since it is given by nature itself, has no side effects and does not accumulate in the body. Its chemical formula is as follows: C4H6O4. This is a white crystalline powder with a taste similar to citric acid.

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